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Splash Pad Carolina

Splash Pad Carolina

Your school or community's park equipment should ensure safety and durability. Kids deserve a safe place where they can enjoy socializing with other children, expend their energy, exercise their mind and body, without risking their welfare. Carolina Parks and Play works to make sure your park and play equipment are well designed for function, safety, and aesthetics.

According to research, parks and recreation areas significantly boost the quality of life of residents who have access to it. In America, there is a call for cities to build public parks, especially in densely populated areas such as Los Angeles. In fact, only 30% of Los Angeles residents are within a quarter of a mile from parks; the rest live too far to enjoy the same advantage. What’s more, minorities and recent immigrants of the United States do not have the same access to park equipment as others.
In the 19th century, parks such as the Golden Gate Park of San Francisco and Central of New York were developed to let people escape the urban chaos even for a few brief moments. But since the Great Depression, cities no longer prioritized the creation and maintenance of parks. The early 90’s wasn’t much help in improving green space in cities, either.
Today, more and more towns and cities are investing in parks and high quality park equipment again. Authorities are realizing that cities with more parks retain and attract businesses and residents.
As an independent distributor of equipment for parks and playgrounds, Carolina Parks and Play LLC has worked for development groups, departments, churches, schools, and more to provide an enriching outdoor space for both children and adults. You can view our online catalogs here at Send us a message here on our website or call us at 877-686-9188 if you want to get a complimentary site evaluation.
Splash Pad Carolina
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Splash Pad Carolina Splash Pad Carolina


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