Director Credential/NAC Testimonials

"Loved the motivational coaching by Miss Pepper, support of Alycia, Amber's efficent multi-tasking and Bradley's jokes and meaningful connections." Sarah Brown, Orlando-May 2024

"Everytime I called, the response is super fast/ Amber is always super helpful/ great resource! Bradley is very knowledgeable /expert on the content/ very organized presentation/ great atmosphere to meet professionals." Shedira Taylor, Orlando-May 2024

"This was a great experience, I wish all college credit courses were like this, very informative but great." Tim Long, Orlando-May 2024

"This has been life changing for me and I'm excited to go to work tomorrow with everything we have learned. Bradley is very knowledgeable and isn't boring, he makes everything interesting and worth listening to.  I hope to come back to him as my instructor." Katelin Cortes, Boca Raton-April 2024

"This by far is one of the best 3 day comprehensive program for this work that I have ever attended. It covered all the real topics of what we encounter every single day." Shownda Pagan, Miami-January 2024

"After researching and planning for three years to open a new facility and a Master's Degree in Education, I came to this training not completely convinced there would be new material or needed information. I was wrong! This weekend has enlightened me in more ways than I can list!" Amanda Eagle, San Antonio-July 2022

"Bradley kept the class interesting and relative to real work examples. I have learned so much and definitely has me thinking of things we can do to improve our vision." Georgeann Adkinson, San Antonio-July 2022

"NICCM has been an excellent partner in my career development. They have always taken the time to answer questions and give guidance." Anitra Starks, Orlando-Jan. 2022

"Thank you for making this class affordable and easy to get through." Brittany Covan, Orlando-Jan. 2022

"Bradley and the staff are very helpful with the learning process. Bradley makes learning the information fun and informative!" Drusilla Kroll, West Palm Beach-April 2022

"I learned more here than the past four months at my current center about leadership, accountability, and professionalism. Thank you! Orlando-Mar. 2022

"There was so much information on things that you may not feel are as important as they truly are. Some small ideas make the biggest impact." Michelle Bergin, Distance 2022

"All of my many calls were answered back very quickly. I really enjoyed the fast pace of the course." Rachel Ray, Orlando Mar. 2022

"I hope Bradley doesnt stop doing seminars for a long time. Its reasurring to know people in this field were taught by him. Knowing he goes above and beyond for not only teachers and directors but over all the children it impacts." Rosa Bados, Orlando-Mar. 2022

"I enjoyed Bradleys sense of humor and ability to keep me engaged through such a length course! I really look forward to attending an in person conference one of these days." Lindsey Stribling, Distance 2022

"Best people to learn from. This is my second course and everytime I leave I want to be a better leader for my teachers and company! Thank you." Kaitlyn Vance, Orlando-Jan. 2022

" Bradley was a great instructor to learn from and was able to keep my interest." Kristen Boocock, Orlando-Jan. 2022

"The staff were extremely nice and easy to talk to. I love how neat the binders were and also the snacks, water, writing supplies we were given. I was amazed by how everything was." Latchmin Gobin, Orlando-Jan. 2022

"Everyone was so kind and willing to answer questions. I felt like the class really is going to be something I use and refer back to in my day to day work." Ashley Bigtree, West Palm Beach-Jan. 2022

"Very helpful and useful information as I work to get my center licensed. I feel more prepared!! Love Amber and Bradley energy and guidance." Lizzie Kittleman, Distance 2022




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HandPrint Products

HandPrint Products was formed by Bradley Smith to handle his growing line of products that had been created as a support for Directors and Teachers in the Early Childhood Education field. Currently HandPrint Products has a child care training video (DVD) series consisting of 72 titles, a policy and procedure system consisting of 10 manuals, books and other products including his top selling “101 Learning and Transition Activities” book.

Consulting Services

During the past decade, Bradley Smith has led HandPrint Productions to become the leader in consulting of childcare business practices.  This includes: fiscal management, enrollment management, marketing, human resource, small business issues, and leadership.  In addition, the services include help with specific issues concerning handling sensitive issues to avoid fall-out or minimize the likelihood of litigation.  Currently, consulting services are available including: on demand, monthly access, 30 day, long distance, on-site, and extended services.  In addition, career and business coaching and mentoring services are also available.  Contact us  for more information or to schedule a consult.  We guarantee your satisfaction!