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Early Registration 

(31+ Days in Advance)

Regular Registration 

(11-30 Days in Advance)

Late Registration

(0-10 Days)

National Administrator's Credential (NAC)

Full Conference $509.00 $559.00 $609.00
Fee Per Session $99.00 $109.00 $119.00
2 Sessions (10 Hours) Renewal Option  $178.00 $198.00  $218.00
Distance Learning Program (Web-Based) $559.00
NICCM's NAEYC Recognized NAC +$150 

CDA Fast Track 2.0

Full Conference $509.00 $559.00 $609.00
Distance Learning Program (Web-Based) 
CDA Renewal: Understanding the Process  $45.00

Special Training Events

Leadership Retreat
 $139.00 $159.00  $179.00
Raising the Bar - All Staff Event
 $139.00 $159.00  $179.00
* Group Pricing 7 or more
 $129.00pp $149.00pp  $169.00pp
* Group Pricing 15 or more
 $109.00pp $129.00pp  $149.00pp
Raising the Bar 2 Day Event  $209.00  $229.00  $249.00
* Group Pricing 7 or more
 $189.00pp  $209.00pp  $219.00pp
* Group Pricing 15 or more  $179.00pp  $189.00pp  $209.00pp
All registration fees and other fees are non-refundable.


Additional Options:

Expedited Grading Fee $75.00
Replacement Binder $50.00
NAC Replacement Test or Praxis $25.00
NAC Re-Testing Fee $75.00
CDA Fast Track Re-Testing Fee $100.00
Replacement Master Certificate $10.00
Transcript  $35.00
NAC Tutoring- includes tutoring binder at live events $170.00
Incomplete Paperwork/Reprocessing Fee
3 Month Extension $50.00
6 Month Extension $75.00
CDA Fast Track Refresher $175.00
Insufficient Funds Fee $50.00
Chargeback Fee $75.00


For Questions about Registration Call Us at 602-476-1422. 

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HandPrint Products

HandPrint Products was formed by Bradley Smith to handle his growing line of products that had been created as a support for Directors and Teachers in the Early Childhood Education field. Currently HandPrint Products has a child care training video (DVD) series consisting of 72 titles, a policy and procedure system consisting of 10 manuals, books and other products including his top selling “101 Learning and Transition Activities” book.

Consulting Services

During the past decade, Bradley Smith has led HandPrint Productions to become the leader in consulting of childcare business practices.  This includes: fiscal management, enrollment management, marketing, human resource, small business issues, and leadership.  In addition, the services include help with specific issues concerning handling sensitive issues to avoid fall-out or minimize the likelihood of litigation.  Currently, consulting services are available including: on demand, monthly access, 30 day, long distance, on-site, and extended services.  In addition, career and business coaching and mentoring services are also available.  Contact us  for more information or to schedule a consult.  We guarantee your satisfaction!