Carnival - Paradise January 2013

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$539   5 Day Western Caribbean Training Cruise
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Itinerary:  Paradise

1.12.13 (Sat): Tampa, FL - 4pm

1.13.13 (Sun): Sea Day

1.14.13 (Mon): Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands  - 8am to 3pm

1.15.13 (Tues): Cozumel, Mexico - 11am to 8pm

1.16.13 (Wed): Sea Day

1.17.13 (Thurs): Tampa, FL - 8am

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Training Schedule



1.13.13 Sunday: Sea Day 1


"The Effective Administrator": This class covers administrative work management, time management as well as proper use of space as a motivating factor in work production.  Also included are an overview of delegation techniques and proper control during meetings through agendas and setting time limits.  Lastly the concept of adding value to oneself is introduced as a method to decrease the high turnover rates in early education managers and leaders.

"Brokering the Buy In": (Brand New Class) Description Coming Soon


1.16.13 Wednesday: Sea Day 


"So You Think Your My Boss Now": There is a definite transition that takes place when one moves from just being a staff member to becoming a member of the Leadership/Management team.  This class will discuss common pitfalls and help new and budding leaders move from being the “equal” of other staff members to one who commands and receives respect and creates positive team spirit.

"Understanding the 80/20 Pareto Principle":This principle discovered in 1897 by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto has become a powerful leadership strategy.  Participants will discuss the basics of the principle and how this once only economic principle governs much about leadership and how groups of people respond in given circumstances. 

Other Optional Discussion Times - TBA


Deposit Due Dates

 All deposits are refundable until November 9th, 2012.


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