New Mexico NAC

New Mexico NAC

Earn your New Mexico Director's Qualifications with our program.  Our training program is only 2 1/2 days of class rather than an entire semester!  The NICCM National Administrative Credential (NAC) is now an accepted course to earn your qualifications as set by New Mexico Child Care Licensing.  Our program has been used by countless New Mexico participants as a key component in acquiring their New Mexico Director's Qualifications since our inception in 1994.  Our participants rate our program as "of the highest caliber" and "most user friendly" way of meeting their educational requirements.  Consider our program before going a different route to Earn or Renew your National Administrative Credential and New Mexico Director's Qualifications.

The NICCM NAC course is offered through 2 and a half day live events that are held monthly in different cities around the United States. The NICCM NAC course is also available through a Distance Learning Program  now offered through a web-based program for our Distance participants. 


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                (a)           Unless exempted under Subparagraph (b) below, a child care center will have a director who is at least 21 years old and meets the requirements outlined in the table below.
The National Administrator Credential (NAC)*   and Child Development/Early Childhood Education  and

Two-years experience in an early childhood growth and development setting

Child Growth, Development and Learning (one of the AA-level “common core courses”)**    

Usage in New Mexico and College Credit

NICCM is proud to continue our partnership with UAF to allow students who take the NAC course to earn College Credit.  Once participants complete the NAC course, their completed UAF registration form will be submitted to the University with their grade.  UAF will then Issue both a Certificate for 45 Vocational hours and a transcript for 2 College Credits. (A small fee to the college will apply.) The UAF-NICCM NAC Certificate is then submitted to the New Mexico Child Care Licensing Division along with any other required information.  As of 2019, all New Mexico Participants will be required to submit the UAF certificate for proof of completion of a National Administrator Credential (NAC) that has been administered through a college or University.


Course Information

The National Administrative Credential (NAC) is divided into 5 Sessions each containing 2 distinct units of study. Each session is approximately 4 hours long. Participants can  sign up for individual sessions or complete all 5 Sessions and the Test/Praxis to earn their  Director Credential. (45 contact hours/45 CEU's)

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Session A: (4 Contact Hours/.4 CEUs)

Unit 1: Fiscal Management: Developing the Budget

Unit 2: Insurance For Your Center

Session B: (4 Contact Hours/.4 CEUs)

Unit 3: Recruiting, Hiring & New Teacher Orientation

Unit 4: Employee Handbooks, Evaluations and Job Descriptions

Session C: (4 Contact Hours/.4 CEUs)

Unit 5: Parent Communication

Unit 6: Child Development – The Essentials

Session D: (4 Contact Hours/.4 CEUs)

Unit 7: Working With the Difficult Employee

Unit 8: Administrative Leadership

 Session E: (4 Contact Hours/.4 CEUs)

Unit 9: The New Economy Challenges and Opportunities

Unit 10: Train the Trainer (Brand New!)

Session F: Test and Praxis (25 Contact Hours/2.5 CEUs for Completion)

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Registration Fees:   Entire Conference
Early Registration (31+ Days in Advance)   $509.00
Regular Registration (11-30 Days in Advance)   $559.00
Late Registration (Within 10 Days of the Event)   $609.00
Distance Learning Program (Web-Based Online Video)
Distance Learning Program (additional $35 for Priority Shipping)   $559.00
NAC Optional Tutoring   $160.00


All registration fees and other fees are non-refundable.


Director Credential/NAC participants are saying...

"NICCM has been an excellent partner in my career development. They have always taken the time to answer questions and give guidance." Anitra Starks, Orlando-Jan. 2022

"Thank you for making this class affordable and easy to get through." Brittany Covan, Orlando-Jan. 2022

"Bradley and the staff are very helpful with the learning process. Bradley makes learning the information fun and informative!" Drusilla Kroll, West Palm Beach-April 2022

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CDA Fast Track participants are saying...

"I recommend this Fast Track to everyone, the best way to invest your money." Belmis Barrios, West Palm Beach-Jan. 2022

"The instructors were all great! I love that they were informative, helpful, animated, and attentive. Amazing Group!!!" Lourdes Mendoza, Jacksonville-Aprill 2022

 "This has been a very enlightening event. So very organized and put together. The whole staff is amazing." Terry Walters, Miami-Feb. 2022ou cant see me

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