CDA Testimonials

"I honestly don't know how anyone could navigate the complexity of this process without your guidance. I would recommend this class to anyone trying to obtain a CDA." Lessie Raffield Orlando-May 2024 

"Very happy I invested in this program. The help and the 3 day Fast Track was amazing! Felicia Wright, Orlando-May 2024

"The fact that we got everything done in a weekend.  I feel confident about the test.  I am confident about the whole experience" Joanne Dyer Adeniyi, Boca Raton-April 2024

"Chips were great and so was Tanya and Pepper!" Jackie Bell, Jacksonville-April 2024

"Bradley and Pepper were amazing! They made the weekend fun and informative! They were good at making you feel welcome and knowing your name so you don't feel small and unnoticed."  Kelli Hobbs, San Antonio-March 2024

“I will never forget this experience. It was amazing !! And having the opportunity to have such amazing people and uplifting people around, you just made it 10 times better. You guys have an amazing staff and I am so grateful that I was able to accomplish everything I did this weekend.” Mikalah Mae, Tampa-February 2024

"Most dedicated, passionate, fun and educated team I have ever met! Thank you Mr. Bradley, Ms. Amber, Ms. Melanie and Ms. Pepper for an Amazing weekend! God Bless!" Marie Cerbone, Miami-January 2024

"I recommend this Fast Track to everyone, the best way to invest your money." Belmis Barrios, West Palm Beach-Jan. 2022

"The instructors were all great! I love that they were informative, helpful, animated, and attentive. Amazing Group!!!" Lourdes Mendoza, Jacksonville-Aprill 2022

 "This has been a very enlightening event. So very organized and put together. The whole staff is amazing." Terry Walters, Miami-Feb. 2022

"Everyone was amazing! I feel much more confident about getting my CDA after this course." Jasmin Pomales, Jacksonville-April 2022

" They provide you with everything needed and really take the time to make sure you know and understand the whole process." Rachel Eble, Jacksonville-April 2022

"The instructors were all great! I love that they were informative, helpful, animated, and attentive. Amazing Group!!!" Lourdes Mendoza, Jacksonville-Aprill 2022

"Everyone was patient, helpful and kind. It made this course easy to understand and gave me the confidence to move forward in this field." Katie Hodges, April-2022

"Thank you Amber, Becca, Alexis, and Melanie! This was an amazing experience. Instructors were very kind, patient and knowledgable. I highly recommend NICCM! Jovanka Morgan, April-2022

"I have to say this class is definitely an eye opener to the process of getting your CDA. Also the staff members are very knowledgeable and always willing to help." Laquanda Smith, Orlando-Mar. 2022

"This program has been a profound experience. I appreciate the help and the knowledge of the staff and Bradley. I am blessed to have been a part of this program and have such expertise passed on to me." Shericka Daly, Miami-Feb. 2022

"The staff is phenomenal! I cannot express how grateful I am for the amazing ladies that helped push me through this weekend, and I am so blessed to have had that support! Kari Roberts, Orlando-Jan. 2022

"I really appreciate the guidance I recieved fro NICCM. Amber, Rebecca, and Bradley were awesome. Thank you so much for what you do." Jenny Walters, Miami-Feb. 2022

"My experience with NICCM was great. The instructors explained the class very well. Everything was simple and the videos were easy to follow. I really enjoyed putting my CDA portfolio together. Rajaa Eloifi, Distance 2022

"NICCM is a God sent, I've said it before, the staff/program answered every question I had before signing up. I am forever grateful." Maylore Demesmin, Miami-Feb. 2022

"All the NICCM staff are amazing! It's insane the amount of info covered. I was very stressed coming into the course but feel much more prepared now. The next steps are now manageable." Erica Foster, West Palm Beach- Jan. 2022

"I truly enjoyed the process. It was so quick and I totally recommend this course to anyone." Maleik Roberts, West Palm Beach-Jan. 2022

"Wonderful course with wonderful people. I am looking forward to more trainings with NICCM! It was an A+ course, and it made all the hard stuff so easy to understand!" Claudia Mazzeo, West Palm Beach-Jan. 2022

"It truly made me feel comfortable about the process and the individual attention I recieved helped me feel more comfortable with my work." Jennifer Cracchiolo- April 2022

"Great group of individuals!! Very nice and helpful! I am definatly coming back for my Director's Credential" Corneisha Ladd, Orlando-Jan. 2022

"I absolutely loved taking this course. The staff here was so helpful, and really took the time to make sure we all had everything we needed! I cant thank you guys enough. I was so nervous, and you all really made me feel at ease! Sarah Stapleton, Orlando-Jan. 2022


HandPrint Products

HandPrint Products was formed by Bradley Smith to handle his growing line of products that had been created as a support for Directors and Teachers in the Early Childhood Education field. Currently HandPrint Products has a child care training video (DVD) series consisting of 72 titles, a policy and procedure system consisting of 10 manuals, books and other products including his top selling “101 Learning and Transition Activities” book.

Consulting Services

During the past decade, Bradley Smith has led HandPrint Productions to become the leader in consulting of childcare business practices.  This includes: fiscal management, enrollment management, marketing, human resource, small business issues, and leadership.  In addition, the services include help with specific issues concerning handling sensitive issues to avoid fall-out or minimize the likelihood of litigation.  Currently, consulting services are available including: on demand, monthly access, 30 day, long distance, on-site, and extended services.  In addition, career and business coaching and mentoring services are also available.  Contact us  for more information or to schedule a consult.  We guarantee your satisfaction!