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Requirements for National CDA Certification

At NICCM, we understand the significance of upholding quality in early childhood education. The National Child Development Associate (CDA) certification sets a benchmark for professionals in this field. To attain National CDA certification, candidates must possess a high school diploma or equivalent, complete 120 hours of formal early childhood education training, accumulate 480 hours of professional work experience with children within the birth-5 age group, and compile a professional portfolio. Additionally, they must successfully clear an examination and a verification visit.

Benefits of Obtaining National CDA Credentials

Enhanced Credibility and Opportunities:

Securing your National CDA credential through NICCM not only bolsters your credibility but also amplifies your opportunities in the early childhood education sector. This certification signals to employers your dedication and competence, paving the way for career advancement and potentially higher earnings.

Steps to Achieve National CDA Accreditation

  • Complete the requisite early childhood education training.
  • Accumulate practical work experience.
  • Prepare and submit your professional portfolio.
  • Schedule and pass the CDA exam and verification visit.

Job Opportunities With National CDA Certification

Armed with a National CDA credential, a plethora of job opportunities await. Positions such as preschool teacher, childcare center director, family child care provider, and early childhood education consultant become attainable. This certification opens doors to roles that require a deep understanding and capability in nurturing young learners' growth.

Renewal Process for National CDA Credentials

At NICCM, we streamline the renewal process for your CDA credentials, ensuring you can maintain your qualifications without hassle. The renewal process necessitates 45 hours of continued education in the field of early childhood education, documented professional work experience, and the submission of a renewal application to the Council for Professional Recognition.

Differences Between National CDA and Other Early Childhood Education Certifications

The National CDA is distinct in its comprehensive focus on competency in various areas of early childhood education, unlike other certifications that may concentrate on specific aspects. Its recognition across the United States further sets it apart, ensuring that credentialed professionals can leverage this certification nationwide.

National CDA Exam Information

The National CDA examination is a crucial step towards certification. It evaluates a candidate's knowledge and skills in areas crucial to the development and education of young children. NICCM prepares candidates for this exam, covering the necessary domains and competencies through our training programs.

Cost Associated With National CDA Certification

The cost of obtaining your National CDA certification includes fees for the initial application, exam, and coursework. NICCM offers various programs and courses, such as our 3-Day CDA Fast Track, to help mitigate these costs by providing comprehensive preparation and support.

Importance of National CDA in the Field of Early Childhood Education

The National CDA holds paramount importance in early childhood education, symbolizing a comprehensive understanding and capability in fostering the growth and development of young learners.

National CDA Training Programs and Resources

NICCM is proud to offer a suite of training programs and resources designed to prepare professionals for the National CDA certification. From our renowned 3-Day CDA Fast Track to state-approved credential programs and distance learning opportunities, we provide the tools necessary for success in achieving and renewing your CDA credentials.

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